Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Look, it's Mister Potato's moustache!

Hmm I have no idea why, moustache always remind me of my childhood snacks - Mister Potato lol. 
But oh well, as much as I hate moustaches, they are very popular these days :/ and I have to admit, they are pretty cute.

Here's an inspired cute look to spice up any black and white outfits. 
Pastels and moustache and you get CHIC.  

baby blue

 Baby blue has always been a special color to me because it tells a romantic love story.  
It makes me flutter in the breeze, just like how my first love does :) 
Freshen up cuz' its time to fall in love again girls. xx 

high low dress. baby blue watch. floral bracelet. chunky blue necklace. heel boots. salvatore ferragamo purse. flower pin. bead earrings. perfume spray. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

her love story

There's always something with girls in floral dresses and guitars. Yes if you're wondering, it reminds guys of their first love, to be precise, the particular girl staying next door :) Taylor Swift is one of them for sure, fresh, clean, unassuming, fun and approachable. Think flowers (daisy for the win) and red lipsticks cuz everyone knows Taylor loves them! 

floral dress. daisy earrings and necklace. daisy marc jacobs perfume. beaded sandals. guitar. nars red lipstick. 

teal lover

 TREND ALERT! The color teal has recently gotten itself much attention from fashion lovers. It not only gives off a fresh and calm look, but also spells maxim hotness (perfecto to keep eyes glued!). 

bandage dress. teal earrings. teal heels. clutch. bracelet. britney spears spray.