Sheena. 23. Based in Malaysia.

Just like any other girls, Sheena tends to judge herself significantly by the beauty and fashion standards and have several times resorted to indulge in diet aids and beauty products to make herself feel thin and beautiful. She is well aware that she is short, chubby and does not own an ideal nor perfect body. Often times, her friends love making fun and teasing at her imperfections, but she never takes them seriously. Deep down, she knows that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. Any women should embrace themselves for who they are and not what the society wants them to be. 
Sheena strongly believes that every girl is beautiful, regardless of how fat, short, thin, dark-skinned etc she is. Every girl deserves to be who she is and should therefore learn to accentuate their beauty through little ways like dressing up and putting on make-ups. But that does not mean that everyone should look or dress the same. Every girl is an artist of her own body, and she should be able to look or dress in a way that presents her personality and identity. This website serves to promote the value of beauty and fashion and inspire girls on how to look their best and most importantly, feel empowered in their own bodies. 

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