Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oriental beauty

Perfect season to go oriental since chinese new year is just around the corner :) 
Rummage your mum or grandma's wardrobe and see how you could put their traditional pieces into style! 
Here are few interesting ways where you can dress up in a true oriental style and still look gorgeous :)

1.  Red is the new black   
The color red symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese culture. 
"Redifying" yourself during CNY is a must! 

dragon print halter top. clip on earrings. linen trousers. embellished clutch. beaded slipper. wrapped ring. elastic cuff. slippers charm.  

 2. Going peacocky 
It is said that peacock is a phoenix that symbolizes authority, dignity and beauty.  
It has its own pride and doesn't display its feathers all the time, putting us in a perfect mood to embrace our own nobility.
If you're feeling blue, imagine yourself as the glorious peacock and in no time, you will be walking tall in full vitality. 

black top. purple and golden woven skirt. peacock silk purse. bib collar. lace peep toe. baroque drop earrings. vintage lace cuff. flower hair pin. lavender folding hand fan. nest midnight fleur eau de parfum. 
3. Tranquility of a lotus flower

Blooming above the muddy water, the lotus flower symbolizes purification in Buddhism. 
Wearing an outfit inspired by the tranquility of a lotus flower can be a good way to achieve the purity of mind and spirit. 

keyhole top. flower clutch. structured shorts. wedges. swirl ring. nude earrings. Amber Queen eau de parfum. 

4. Earthy chic 

For an earthy yet unique look, opt for a blend of grey and pink.  
Don't forget to jazz up your outfit with some shining sequins or complementary accessories, otherwise you will look dull in it! :) 

print top. sequin high waisted shorts. flat sandal. balenciaga pink bag. spike chain necklace. silver stud. diamond ring. Marc by Marc Jacobs flower iphone case. Valentino eau de parfum. fossil watch. 

5. Shine and sparkle 
It is no surprise to all that the color gold represents wealth and fortune.
Add some gold color in your outfit for increased confidence and willpower.

print vest top. gold sequin shorts. flats with brooch. jade ring. bracelet. cuff. chinese coin drop earrings.

6. Traditional is the way to go

Modern western dressing can sometimes be tad monotonous and tiresome to the eyes.
It is therefore good to break free and go for something traditional for a change. 

embellished cami top. palazzo pants. jade ring. leather shoulder bag. gemstone bracelet. leather sandal. hair stick. perfume oil. chinese lantern earrings.  

7. Butterfly hue

Butterfly is a symbol of longevity and love in Chinese culture. 
To spark butterflies in your admirer's stomach, try to deck up in a butterfly-inspired outfit. 
Don't be afraid to flap your wings and make the first move. 

floral lace hem top. black pencil skirt. stiletto heels. crystal drop earrings. Michael Kors Hamilton bag. bracelet. beaded necklace. Elizabeth Arden eau de parfum spray. 

8. Pure, light and neutral 

You don't necessarily have to go heavy for your CNY outfit. 
Instead of the typical red outfit, consider ivory as your primary choice of color. 
It is a soft neutral color that exemplifies the purity and pleasant side of a girl.  

printed silk half sleeve dress. chain bag. burberry spray. daisy flower pins. stud earrings. ivory satin heels. 

Good luck! 

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